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Wheel Girl
by Taylor Morris

Wheel Girl Name: Jenny Curry
Sport: agressive in-line skating-street skating in which competitors do tricks off half-pipes, rails and other obstacles.
Age: 15
Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA
Sponsors: American Airlines, Roces
Honors: first place, Summer X Games, 1998; first place, National In-line Skate Series National Finals, 1998

First in line: "I won the first competition I entered, and I haven't looked back. Since then, I've competed in 45 competitions in five countries."

Swiss-missed: "My worst accident happened when I was competing in Switzerland. I slipped on the ramp and came down headfirst. I got a concussion and had to stay in bed all day."

Roll model: "I used to read about Dawn Everett—a retired professional in-line skater— in magazines. She inspired me to start skating."

All in the family: "I see a lot of the same skaters at every competition, no matter where we are in the world. It's cool, because we're like a big family."

You go, girls: "I'd love to see more girls get into skating. There are only about 20 or 30 girls who compete, compared with about 200 guys."

Korn to win: "My idol is Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn. I totally skate for him. To meet him would be a dream come true."

Movin on: "I'd like to go as far as I can with skating. I do want to go to college someday, and maybe study photojournalism."

Wanna know more about Jenny and aggressive in-line skating? Check out her Web site (full of cool pictures of her competitions from around the world) at

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